With Great Beauty
  With Great Beauty  
In this year’s Shen Yun performance, the talents and beauty of Lady Diao Chan save the Middle Kingdom from a ruthless tyrant.
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Important Notice: Shen Yun is based in New York, not China, and is in no way affected by the coronavirus situation. Shen Yun performances will go on as scheduled.
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Beauty Divinely Inspired
Did You Know?
Shen Yun Debuts in Brazil and Peru
This year brings the beauty and wisdom of traditional Chinese culture to two South American countries for the first time, with Shen Yun performing in both Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Lima, Peru.
While most other Shen Yun troupes were enduring the cold winter in the northern hemisphere, Shen Yun International Company visited the sunny climates of South America where it’s currently summer. Follow performers as they adventure through rainforests, explore prominent landmarks, and scope out new cities.
Shen Yun World Tour
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