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Did You Know?
Shen Yun performances are hosted by bilingual emcees.
Shen Yun performances are enjoyed by people of all backgrounds from around the world. Every show is hosted by two bilingual emcees (speaking in Chinese and English, or the local language) who guide you between the programs, briefly introducing each piece and providing helpful background information. Throughout the performance, they fill you in on different aspects of Chinese dance, music, culture, and history.
Dance and music are universal languages that transcend cultural and linguistic boundaries. Top that off with the help of our emcees, and you’re bound to be in for an experience like no other.
P.S. To date, Shen Yun has been hosted in Mandarin Chinese and: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Flemish, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Polish, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese!
Coming Up:
Discover the Monkey King’s magical adventures in Shen Yun 2018’s rendition of Journey to the West.