It's the last chance to catch Shen Yun 2017. Once this season is over and the production is gone, it's gone forever. Don't miss out! Plus: Discover one of the most eminent ancient Chinese philosophers, follow our artists' adventures around the globe, and gain more insight into traditional Chinese mythology.
Bestowing the Tao
The Pig That Flies
Meet Pudgy Pigsy
Monkey King’s #1 sidekick in the magical adventures of Journey to the West.
On Tour Photos
On Tour Photos
Shen Yun artists have been trekking all around: north, south, east, and west…not to mention Down Under, too.
The Jade Emperor of Mythistory
The Jade Emperor of Mythistory
Introducing the supreme deity of the Taoist pantheon: the Jade Emperor.
Are there DVDs of the performance?
DVDs of our dance performances are not available for purchase. We believe that the full impact of our show can only be felt by experiencing the dance, costumes, backdrops, and live orchestra live in the theater.
Live performance creates an energy that no reproduction can emulate. For this reason, Shen Yun does not make DVDs of the production. We want you to enjoy the Shen Yun experience the way it was envisioned—a delight for all the senses.
We do produce DVDs and CDs for each season of Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra, and those are available at Shen Yun Shop.
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