It’s already 2017 at Shen Yun headquarters as everyone revs up for our next season. Check out our new banner and official promo trailer. Plus: Dive deep down for a visit with the Middle Kingdom’s legendary Dragon Kings, and get the inside scoop with dancers Zack Chan and Ashley Wei.
Shen Yun 2017
Dragon Kings of Myth-istory
Dragon Kings of
Dive deep to the ocean floors and meet China’s legendary Dragon Kings.
Keeping Our Altitude
5000, 6000, 8000 
Feet Up!
Dancer Ashley Wei brings us behind the scenes and all the way up—find out what it’s like dancing in some of the highest elevation cities on the Shen Yun tour.
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Ben Chen
Defending the Cause,
Then and Now
Fueled by the belief that goodness will ultimately prevail, Ben Chen has traversed the globe—from the streets of London to center stage.
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Somersaulting to Success
Somersaulting to Success
Zack Chan the aerial master takes a walk down memory lane, and shares his insights on realizing dreams.
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Shen Yun
  You Asked: What does Shen Yun mean?  
  Shen (神) is a general term for divine being, indicating the myriad deities, Buddhas, and Taoist immortals in Chinese spiritual traditions. Yun (韻) means rhythm and conveys a person’s entire bearing. So, put together, what does Shen Yun mean?  
  We all know how beautiful dancing can be, but can you imagine the beauty of divine beings dancing in the heavens? That’s the meaning of the name Shen Yun.  
  Coming Up:  
  Celebrate 10 years of Shen Yun with our new anniversary video, catch the next installment in our Myth-istory series, and more!